Care For Your Nipple Covers

How to wear nipple covers?

Step 1.Clean your skin where you will use the product. Remember sweat, lotion, oils and some other liquids will create a layer on the skin that may make the nipple cover less effective and may also break-down the adhesive on the product.

Step 2.Stick the nipple cover on area after cleaning, make sure that the full cover is adhered on the skin. Remember areas that are gapped or not properly adhered may become damaged because it may catch lint and other air borne items that may cause the adhesive to become weakened. With reusable nipple covers, such as the Gel Silicone Nipple Coversand the Cloth Petals, you can re-stick until you are satisfied with the placement. Disposable nipple covers, such as the Mini Nipple Covers will only adhere once, so one you remove it, you can no longer wear it.

Step 3.Firmly press the nipple covers after you got the perfect position to adhere to your skin for extended wear.



Always wash your nipple covers after each wear to remove any skin, sweat, oils or other residues that may clog the surface of the adhesion.



1. Keep sharp objects away from your nipple covers, or anything else that may damage, puncture or clog the product. When not in use, please safeguard the nipple covers in the protective case to prevent dust accumulation and help with maintaining the shape of the product.

2.Do not use a brush, press with fingernails, or use any alcohol or other irritant cleaning solutions to clean the surface, all you need is warm water, a mild cleanser or our special Tabare Couture Body Adhesive Wash. Please do not was with HOT water or allow to dry directly in the sun.

3.Do not use the nipple covers on open cuts, skin disorders, silicone allergic skinor sunburned skin. All skin types are different,stop use if any signs of irritation or a rash appears.

4. Nipple covers are not intended to be worn for an extended time. You should remove and properly store nipple covers daily and not wear more than 12 hours without removal. With light daily use, daily washing may not be necessary, but you should keep the nipple covers clean.

The Purpose of Nipple Covers

TaBare Couture Gel Silicone Nipple Covers

TaBare Couture Gel Silicone Nipple Covers

Nipple Covers provide coverage to protruding nipples.  People wear nipple covers for several reasons, but the major reasons are for discreteness and confidence.  Women are very concern when the first things men notice are their protruding nipples, which can be both demeaning and uncomfortable for most women.  In this day, when bras are no longer a necessity because of breast surgery, great genes or just because, nipple covers are becoming very popular.  As the original owner of, I’ve seen and heard it all.

Nipple covers are popular with doctors, lawyers, teachers, administrative assistants and most other careers.  I can remember when I explained what the product was to my son, he was about 9 at the time, and he stated that one of his teachers could use the product too.  I wondered if his teacher realized that the developing boys in her class noticed her nipples protruding under her dress or blouse.  I just discreetly left her a gift package of several styles and shared my personal story with her.  She became a great customer and referred several other teachers to the website.  Her favorite style is the Gel Silicone Nipple Covers in the Round shape. The round shape gives you a seamless fit because they are thin around the edges and appear as a natural shape of the areola, so you can wear them with tight-fitted and thin fabrics.  The Petal shape is popular because some women find them easier to remove and very feminine.  Also, a big plus with the Gel Silicone Nipple Covers is that one package can last over a month.

Whether you wear them with or without bra, nipple covers provide a seamless, comfortable and discrete look with any style. Over the years, I’ve realized that the majority of our customers are professional women that want that perfected, non-judgmental look that wearing nipple covers gives them.  Formerly referred to as pasties, because in the beginning they were more of a bedroom fashion, but their function has changed to a daily fashion necessities to many women and are also growing popular with men.  Men, especially those that workout rigorously or have the issues with protruding nipples, this allows them to down play this area of awkwardness.

Nipple covers, such as the Mini Nipple Covers are very widely used for customers that prefer disposable covers that are very thin, soft, easier to remove and work well for younger girls and teenagers because of their sizes.  The round is also very popular with men, because they don’t feel too girly.  This is also a major product used in tanning salons and spas because they provide the needed protection and discreetness in these settings.

We also have several customers that purchase the Gel Silicone Nipple Covers and cut them to cover up surgical scars and coverage on painful corns and bunions on there feet.  And because the product is currently available in two transparent colors (nude and brown), they work well for every skin color.

So the true purpose of Nipple Covers is limitless and growing. We hope that you would share your personal stories with this article to help others see the true and great reasons for wearing nipple covers. offers the largest selection of nipple covers, including disposable, reusable, latex-free, several colors and brands.  You are sure to find a product that you love and is a perfect choice for you.  In addition, there are several other fashion and lingerie solutions products available, from adhesive bras, bra accessories and enhancers. The brand name for the Gel Silicone Nipple Covers are TaBare Couture. Check out the entire line at

Article written by Nat Peck

TaBare Couture Profiled in Sheen Magazine

Hello everyone.  

We were profiled in the Sheen Magazine article “Stuck Like Glue.”

Here is a link to the news release:

TaBare Couture Underwear Solutions Featured in Sheen Magazine. Our products featured were the Gel Silicone Nipple Covers, Super Gel Silicone Nipple Covers, Bare Plunges Adhesive Bra, Invisible Adhesive Thong and the soon to be realease Invisible Panty.  You can get additional information on the products at

Also, you can view the magazine at


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Thank you Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz recently had an episode about tainted underwear “Buyer Beware: Tainted Underwear.” This only reinforces my belief that you should not be able to return underwear, especially when they are purchased online. Once the panties are in the customer’s possession, you never know what happen with them and when you return them, you never know where they end up.

Quoted from the episode “Think the brand new underwear you just bought is clean? Think again. There’s something lurking in your lingerie. The Dr. Oz team lab-tested undergarments from coast to coast and bargain basement to designer boutique. The results were shocking, with samples testing positive for yeast, fecal matter, even blood. Learn what you should do to disinfect your intimates.”

View the episode here. does not accept returns on panties, so customers are confident that the panty they receive is unworn and new.

When I think about panties, I personally want to be the first to wear something so intimate. I wash my purchase before wearing, but it’s still very important for me to get unworn panties, especially now with so much going on in the world. You never know when the next infection will occur, this is my way of keeping myself safe.


Adhesive bras can offer visual therapy for every piece of apparel you own. Your wardrobe simply cannot survive the more modern designs of feminine creativity. The beautiful geometry of art deco inspired apparel is often spoiled with peek-a-boo bra straps that cannot be hidden. We try to tuck in and align the bra straps to remain from view, but no matter how hard we try the traditional bras take away from our sexy chic clothing and stick out like a sore thumb.

Sure, strapless bras are an option but how much better is that choice? Strapless bras offer you uncomfortable under wire and hard boning that reveals all the unflattering humps bumps and hooks for all to see. Sense Solutions adhesive bras provide a seamless look with appealing plunging necklines and the transparency for all clothing and there are multiple possibilities;

Why are Adhesive Bras the best choice for any style?

Another benefit of the adhesive bra is that it solves the problem of having to wear a bra at all. Many women enjoy the freedom of not wearing a bra. We still want lift and support and many times that’s the deciding factor in choosing to wear a bra. With Sense Solutions adhesive bras, women get all the advantages of lift, support and coverage and there is no longer a need to use a traditional bra.

Sense solutions offer you great options for any ensemble. Choose the Bare Adhesive Bra for a strapless and backless ensemble that conceals but allows you to wear your chic fashion piece without the worry of straps, hooks and clasps. And for those plunging necklines that require uplift choose the Bare Plunges Adhesive Bra. They offer you oblong adhesive cups that blend well with your skin while offering cleavage and seamless support.

The adhesive bras offer total concealment and a flair for the daring. Whether a strapless bandeau or a halter print top with a modern twist, you’ll appreciate the comfort and design and transparency of adhesive bras.

Traditional bras, even with all the various choices available are not as comfortable as adhesive bras. Traditional bras offer you unflattering boning, uncomfortable underwire and poorly configured straps and designs that never fit just right.

The adhesive bras offer you every option imaginable because you can wear anything in your closet without the worry of how to hide straps, how to match the color or how to conceal protruding nipples. Our adhesive bras offer you the best choice for comfort, design and seamless transparency.

Not to leave anyone left out, our Sense Solutions adhesive bras offer top heavy women choices too. It provides amazing results and improves the image and visual appeal of clothing. And for the small-chested women, our Sense Solutions adhesive bra adds cleavage, adds shape and enhances your curves.

Sense Solutions adhesive bras provide that firm lift you need to accentuate your breasts with a discrete look that improves the visual design of the apparel giving you a seamless finish.

About the Author:
Sense Solutions Adhesive Bras are currently available online at and The Bare Plunges Adhesive Bras are available in nude and black colors in 2 sizes, A-C Cups and D-DD cups. The Bare Adhesive Bra is available in nude and sheer colors and cup sizes A, B, C, D, DD. Sense Solutions will also be introducing their product line in stores around the world. With the affordable price and quality of these products, customers will see the benefit in such a wonderful choice.

The World’s First Backless, Strapless Bra for Large Breasts

D-Up Cups in Beige

D-Up Cups in Beige

View D-up Cups Video


The D-up Cups distributed by Sense Solutions are the world’s first backless and strapless bra alternative for larger breasts (sizes C to GG cups) and is being distributed and sold online at by renowned up-to-the-minute lingerie retailer Sense Lingerie. Invented by British scientist Dr. Joanne Morgan and developed by lingerie designer Megan Powell-Vreeswijk, the D-up Cups distributed by Sense Solutions Products herald a totally new method of breast support: ‘differential compression’.




Joanne’s invention came out of frustration at not being able to find any bra that would support her 34F bust in a backless dress. “Such a product was not scientifically possible for someone of my size so I decided to develop something completely novel and made the first prototype. With this, I demonstrated that the conventional theory about breast support (the cantilever method) is not the only way that breasts can be supported, and I filed patents world wide. I found that creating ‘differential compression’ around each breast is actually much better suited to larger breast sizes. Megan then took the concept and turned it into what it is today” says Joanne.


Nat Peck of Sense Lingerie explains, “This situation is very common and this product will be the first and only solution for these women. We try to accommodate the needs of all of our customers by providing the best products to suit each customer’s individual needs. The D-up Cups will enhance the fantastic range of designs and styles we already offer, which will be brilliant for our customers!”


‘Differential compression’ works through a band that wraps around each breast individually. The band moulds the breast into shape by applying pressure at different points around the circumference of the base of the breast. The D-up Cups have a carefully designed band that is held in place with a unique sticky silicone and is wider at the bottom and around the sides. The band very gently compresses the soft breast tissue at the bottom of the breast more in relation to the top, to create a net upward force and uplift. Pressure is also applied to the sides of each breast, producing gentle moulding forces to create a firmer and more youthfully rounded shape.


The D-up Cups are fastened with a familiar, adjustable hook and eye (ideal for those women with one breast larger than the other), and has an outer layer of stretch Lycra® to ensure an ultra-smooth contour.


According to celebrity stylist, Faye Sawyer, “The most important styling advice I can offer anyone is to wear the correct bra for their outfit. It used to be a challenge to find lingerie which allowed bigger busted women to enjoy backless or strapless outfits, but having the D-up Cups distributed by Sense Solutions Products in my styling kit has changed all that.”


D-up Cups are set to take the USA by storm because it will be the only backless bra alternative available for even the average woman.  It is currently available in two colors – Beige and Black and covers a size range from C to GG cups. Available at