The World’s First Backless, Strapless Bra for Large Breasts

August 28th, 2009
D-Up Cups in Beige

D-Up Cups in Beige

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The D-up Cups distributed by Sense Solutions are the world’s first backless and strapless bra alternative for larger breasts (sizes C to GG cups) and is being distributed and sold online at by renowned up-to-the-minute lingerie retailer Sense Lingerie. Invented by British scientist Dr. Joanne Morgan and developed by lingerie designer Megan Powell-Vreeswijk, the D-up Cups distributed by Sense Solutions Products herald a totally new method of breast support: ‘differential compression’.




Joanne’s invention came out of frustration at not being able to find any bra that would support her 34F bust in a backless dress. “Such a product was not scientifically possible for someone of my size so I decided to develop something completely novel and made the first prototype. With this, I demonstrated that the conventional theory about breast support (the cantilever method) is not the only way that breasts can be supported, and I filed patents world wide. I found that creating ‘differential compression’ around each breast is actually much better suited to larger breast sizes. Megan then took the concept and turned it into what it is today” says Joanne.


Nat Peck of Sense Lingerie explains, “This situation is very common and this product will be the first and only solution for these women. We try to accommodate the needs of all of our customers by providing the best products to suit each customer’s individual needs. The D-up Cups will enhance the fantastic range of designs and styles we already offer, which will be brilliant for our customers!”


‘Differential compression’ works through a band that wraps around each breast individually. The band moulds the breast into shape by applying pressure at different points around the circumference of the base of the breast. The D-up Cups have a carefully designed band that is held in place with a unique sticky silicone and is wider at the bottom and around the sides. The band very gently compresses the soft breast tissue at the bottom of the breast more in relation to the top, to create a net upward force and uplift. Pressure is also applied to the sides of each breast, producing gentle moulding forces to create a firmer and more youthfully rounded shape.


The D-up Cups are fastened with a familiar, adjustable hook and eye (ideal for those women with one breast larger than the other), and has an outer layer of stretch Lycra® to ensure an ultra-smooth contour.


According to celebrity stylist, Faye Sawyer, “The most important styling advice I can offer anyone is to wear the correct bra for their outfit. It used to be a challenge to find lingerie which allowed bigger busted women to enjoy backless or strapless outfits, but having the D-up Cups distributed by Sense Solutions Products in my styling kit has changed all that.”


D-up Cups are set to take the USA by storm because it will be the only backless bra alternative available for even the average woman.  It is currently available in two colors – Beige and Black and covers a size range from C to GG cups. Available at

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